Since we understand a lot of you will be going to music celebrations over the next couple of months (including one certain desert celebration following weekend), we got in touch with The Rockstar Remedy writer Dr. Gabrielle Francis– physician to rock acts like Mötley Crüe, Aerosmith, as well as Courtney Love– to discover out exactly how she keeps musicians on tour healthy and balanced, regardless of where they are. She’s obtained a couple of kickass ideas on the best ways to remain in good shape as well as energetic, so you do not leave the weekend break sensation completely wrecked.

  1. Stay hydrated. Your power crashes when you’re not moistened sufficient. Consume lots of water, eat great deals of protein, as well as pack Emergen-C or Nuun for electrolytes. She additionally recommends sipping on eco-friendly tea or yerba friend (we’re also big followers of coconut water!).
  2. Soothe your pipes. Artists aren’t the only ones leaving the festival with hoarse voices. Dr. Francis told us to pack throat lozenges, lip balm, and also Singer’s Spray to remaining your lips as well as throat from obtaining completely dry and also painful.
  3. Protect your ears. Most of all else, Dr. Francis prompts you to secure your hearing. She suggests Quiet Contour ear plugs (which apparently allow you known every little thing typically, and also you’ll still be chatting in a normal voice), as well as Ring Relief ear drops for a post-concert treatment. Another pro idea: position on your own spotlight within the group, so the quantity is equal on both ears.